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WHY CAN'T I DO EYE MAKEUP LIKE THAT? The truth about perfect Insta-eye makeup.

Eye makeup is one of the hardest elements of makeup to master. You scroll through social media envious of the flawless winged liner, impeccably blended smokey eyes and drool over the perfect cut creases... then when you try it yourself someone asks you "whats wrong with your eyes"? or "are you tired"?

Eye makeup cannot be replicated perfectly unless you have the exact eye shape as the girl on Instagram and let's be honest even the girl on Instagram doesn't even have those eyes with all the editing apps available now. Please don't be hard on yourself, what you need to do is educate yourself on your eye shape and just master that.

The most common eye shape I come across that can be a little challenging to do is called a "deep set lid" this is where the lid space is small and brow bone can be heavy. I have this eye shape so I know how annoying it can be trying to get it right. Applying liquid liner to this eye shape can in some cases make the eyes look smaller or the liner disappears when you open your eye. With this eye-shape when makeup is applied correctly is smoldering and sultry.

Here are a few examples of some of the worlds most beautiful women who have this eye shape. NOT A LIQUID LINER IN SIGHT.

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer has a deep-set lid, if you look at her eyes the outer corner of her eyes, it tilts downwards slightly and her lid space is small. The makeup artist has enhanced her shape beautifully with a soft feline blend darker on the outer corners of the eye, wrapping the smokiness around the lower lash line also, then she paired it with a slightly frosted lid.

Blake Lively

Blake also has a deep set eye-shape and she looks stunning in this makeup. The artist here used a soft blend of warm browns blended from the lash line up to the crease and a soft fluttery lash that are longer on the outer corners to lift and enhance the eye.

Jessica Biel

Jessica has a deep-set lid also and a smaller eye. She looks incredible in this simple yet striking eye makeup. The artist here has focused on a soft smokey liner around the top and bottom lashes and then a wash of a warm matte brown across the lid and under the lashes.


1) Use a mid-tone semi-matte base eyeshadow all over starting at the lash line and blending up towards the crease. MAC wedge, Cork or Groundwork paint pot are all perfect for this. Use a soft fluffy brush is my go-to is 1.12 tapered blending brush.


2) Use a small blending brush MAC #212 is perfect for this step. Using a dark matte shadow start work from the outer corner in, across the outer lid, try not to aim for the crease but instead the lid itself. Build this color up to the intensity you want.

See pic below.

3. Use a soft eye kohl liner like MAC Teddy, or Coffee to draw underneath the lower lashes and into the waterline. Use a small fluffy brush like mykitco 1.13 "my detailing smudge" to lightly buff and soften this line under the lashes.


4. If you love eyelashes ensure the shape of the lashes are light, fluttery and that the band is small and narrow. My favorites at the moment are Flique Cosmetics, "BEWITCHED" lashes or Primark individual lashes.

Hope this helps build your confidence when it comes to applying your eye makeup. :)

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